Twin city connections are also about learning about the cultural values of another country or a smaller region. Unfortunately, a group's time can often be taken up by excursions or visits that are not very exciting or do not involve all the members of the group, under the name of "cultural programme".

It is important for all twin cities to showcase as much of the local heritage as possible, but it is usually a good idea to split the delegation so that everyone can find the attractions that interest them most. It is true that not all guests will see all the attractions, but everyone will have a lasting impression of the tours.

In our experience, it's a good idea to split up groups by age and interest, so that those who want to participate in more active programmes (such as mountain hikes) and those who want to do sightseeing can find their own programme.

This doesn't mean that one group will miss out on any of the activities, it just means that different activities should be organised for different times so that everyone can choose the activities that suit them.

As the twin city delegations usually come for more than a few days, the programmes can be spread out well: an easy hike on Monday, a sightseeing tour on Tuesday, a more exhausting hike on Wednesday, a visit to a swimming pool on Thursday, a relaxing break on Friday, and a gastro festival or village festival at the weekend.

Anyone can sign up for the programme, but of course the programme must be tailored to the needs of the group, and the tour organiser should not be driven by a sense of mission to force on the group excursions that are not welcome.