Route planning

Route planning

Route planners cannot tell you that on your way to your destination you should take a ten-minute detour to see a landmark, a building with a unique cultural value, or an extraordinary natural phenomenon.

If you travel to an unfamiliar place, it's easy to pass by places that would be worth stopping for an hour. It's important to recharge your body and soul when travelling, and if there's a waterfall, an ice-cold forest spring, a 1,000-year-old church or a gastro festival on your route, why not make the whole twin city delegation experience the sights of the journey together?

Our itinerary service does not show your delegation the way, nor does it aim to replace the services of a route planning app, which would be pointless in the 21st century anyway.

Instead, we give travellers what the planner apps can't:

places of interest, attractions, places to visit and events to recharge their soul.

If you want specific answers to these questions, please feel free to contact us. With our extensive personal contacts and experience, we either have the answer to all your questions or we can find it for you in no time. Our aim is that members of a twin city delegation should not feel lost even if they do not speak the language of the other country at all. To do this, we can help travellers with as much information as they need: we have a helpdesk at their disposal.