Guided tours

Guided tours

Hiking, city tours, gastronomic tours and other gastronomic events, as well as the presentation of local natural and architectural assets should be an integral part of the twin city visiting programme.

Hungary is justifiably proud of its World Heritage sites, but there are only eight of them, and they are so far apart that a delegation might not want to visit more of them in the short time they spend in Hungary. The question is: what sites can be visited outside the UNESCO World Heritage sites?

They should be important for a region, all of them located in a smaller area and therefore more easily accessible, but still relevant and interesting enough to attract the attention of foreign delegations.

Local guides guide guests in the vicinity of their Hungarian twin city using the Hungarian Values Directory as a guide, which collects national attractions.

The collection of more than a thousand items in the Hungarian National Treasures is a goldmine of local treasures, with enough things to visit for weeks in the closer neighborhoods of various settlements.

It is, of course, worth touring these places with a qualified guide, so that guests can get to know the values through expert interpretation. Guides who are passionate about spreading the word about local values can guarantee this.